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Best Window Washing Techniques

Best Window Washing Techniques

Who knew there was a trick to washing windows? Instead of picking up a bottle of Windex and wiping the glass inside out, you'll need a few tips and tricks to keep it bright throughout the month.

So, whether you need a quick sprucing up or deep cleaning for the season, please keep reading for our best tips on a crystal-clear window washing in Naples, FL. Let’s get started!

Techniques of Window Washing For Sparkling and Streak-free Glasses

1) Start with a clean window

Before you begin, remove debris or dirt from the window frame and glass. Use a dry cloth or handheld vacuum to quickly clear away dust and stubborn pieces of dirt that may be stuck on the glass.

2) Soap up the solution

Now it's time for the solution mix. Mix your favorite window washing liquid in a bucket of warm water and stir it up to fully incorporate the suds. To get streak-free windows, opt for a cleaning solution free of ammonia or alcohol since these may leave residue on the glass when dry.

3) Apply a generous amount of window-washing solution onto your sponge 

Apply the solution onto your sponge. Make sure to use a generous amount of window-washing solution and evenly spread it around the entire window, paying attention to any hard-to-reach places or crevices in the glass.

4) Scrub the glass in an up-and-down pattern with the sponge 

Once you've applied the solution, it is time to begin scrubbing. Start at the top of the window and work your way down in an up-and-down pattern. This will help ensure that all areas are covered evenly during window washing.

5) Wipe away any remaining residue with a clean cloth or crumpled newspaper

Once you've scrubbed away all the dirt, it is time to wipe away any remaining residue. Use a clean cloth or crumpled newspaper and gently buff the glass up and down. This will help remove any streaks that may be present on the window.

6) Rinse off with a garden hose

To remove all the soap from your window, use a garden hose to rinse any residue. Aim the water directly onto the glass and not at an angle. This will help prevent water droplets from being left behind on the window.

Now you are ready to admire your streak-free windows! With these best window-washing techniques, you can keep your windows crystal clear for months.

Tips to keep your windows clean throughout the month

  • Regularly wipe down the window frame and panes with a soft cloth. Use a mild soap solution if needed.
  • Cover your windows when possible to protect them from dirt, dust, pollen, and more.
  • Clean your windows on cloudy days to minimize streaks due to sunlight radiation.
  • Remove any bird droppings and bugs as soon as possible.
  • Check the sealant around your windows every few months and reseal if needed.
  • Use a rubber squeegee to remove excess water after window washing and drying with a microfiber cloth.

These tips will help you keep your windows looking clean and sparkly all year round. So follow these tips, and get ready to enjoy crystal-clear windows!